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TA The Vina Collection


Red Wine Glass  for Rent


Bring elegance and quiet sophistication to your table with our Vina 10.5 oz. wine glass. Boasting a special fine edged rim with a minimal bead, it features an elongated bowl design that allows your guests to swirl their wine without fear of spillage, thus releasing the aromas and completing the overall experience of drinking a fine wine. The wide base provides excellent stability despite the glass’s thin, graceful stem. Plus, for maximum convenience, this all purpose glass can be used for both red and white wines, so you’ll only have to rent one type of glass!


AP glasses and Flutes you love… for rent in New York City

Thumbnail type PriceQuantity
TA The Vina Collection - All Purpose Wine Glass 10.5oz All Purpose Wine Glass 10.5oz $2.25

Fine edge rim glass elongated body with long stem perfect glass for red and white wine

TA The Vina Collection - Balloon Red Wine Glass 16oz Balloon Red Wine Glass 16oz $2.85

16 oz beautiful balloon glass limited availability inquire before ordering

TA The Vina Collection - Vina Flute 8oz Vina Flute 8oz $1.50

stunning 5.5 oz flute

TA The Vina Collection - Vina Trumpet Flute 7oz Vina Trumpet Flute 7oz $1.95

a very special fine rim edge flute

Additional information

All Purpose Wine Glass 10.5oz, Balloon Red Wine Glass 16oz, Vina Flute 8oz, Vina Trumpet Flute 7oz

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