COVID-19 Advisory

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory

Now that we are starting to reopen and get back to normal you can feel safe and knowing that New York Party Rentals is following all the guidelines necessary to keep you safe. Not much different from the protocols that have always been in place We are committed to making this a safe transition for our employees, for you, and for your customers. As part of that commitment, we have outlined our workplace safety guidelines and product cleaning/sanitation procedures below. Thank you for putting your trust in us. Your Friends at New York Party Rental LLC.

How our workplace is safe

As always we take safety and sanitation seriously. In an effort to maintain a safe, injury-free workplace we remain compliant with all of the safety guidelines recommended by OSHA. The CDC and local health authorities, workplace habits. This includes training on the proper use of gloves and hand-washing based on specific duties to avoid spreading the virus in high-touch areas. All our employees are mandated to use of masks and vinyl gloves in the warehouse, delivery and operational employees, and our office workers wears masks. All sanitation stations in our offices, warehouses and delivery trucks contain hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. All employees will be required to wash their hands at the beginning and the end of each shift and at least every 60 minutes throughout, using hand sanitizer when sinks are not available. All our employees that includes Truck Drivers and all the Helpers have taken the vaccine and have proof and are registered as doing so. If an employee who doesn’t feel well or has symptoms of COVID-19 they are required to notify their supervisor and stay in home and return with a COVID 19 clean test result or Doctors clearance. So don't let the virus beat us let the celebrations begin!

How we clean and sanitize our rental products

Tablecloths: As always all of our dirty tablecloths are laundered with detergent and sanitized in our commercial tunnel washer before they are dried, pressed as they always were. Both used and unused linens are cleaned using water temperature settings and wash cycles in accordance with FDA guidelines. Dinnerware: Our china, flatware, glassware and wares and the crates they are transported in are cleaned in our commercial dishwashers on a sanitizing cycle before being stored Our dishwashing equipment is programmed to use water temperatures in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit to remain in accordance with FDA guidelines. These products are wrapped and stored for future use immediately after they are cleaned. Proofer, Rolling Racks and Other Service Equipment: All of our kitchen and service equipment are wiped down with disinfecting cleaner and sanitized before they are stored for future events, in accordance with the CDC guidelines. Your Friends at New York Party Rental LLC.

How we make safe deliveries

Our Drivers follow the same protocol as all our staff. Their trucks are stocked with sanitizer, they wear masks, and if not feeling well are asked to go home and return with clearance from a clean COVID test and or a Doctors Note. Your Friends at New York Party Rental LLC.

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COVID-19 Advisory