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New York Party Rentals Lets You Order What You Want In The Quantities You Want Without Penalties Or Minimums

Other Rental Companies insist you order items in Multiple Order Quantities (MOQ), making it mandatory that you over order and pay for items that you do not need. NYPR lets you order what you need in the exact increment needed. New York Party Rentals allows you to order exactly how many you want. If you want to order 9 Chairs you don't have to pay for 12 Chairs pay for how many you want

How To Figure The Amount Of Glasses Needed For A Cocktail Party

Use This Formula: 1.5 glasses per person for the first hour and 1 glass per hour for every hour after. For example, if there will be 100 guests at a 3-hour cocktail party, you would order (1.5 x 100) + (1 x 100) + (1 x 100) = 350 glasses. Please consider the amount and types of beverages you will be serving in addition to your guests’ preferences when determining your exact quantities.

How To Determine The Amount Of Plates Needed For A Buffet

1.25 plates per guest to allow for seconds should be sufficient. This may change if you are serving several main courses.

How To Create Stations For My Buffet

Approximately five (5) small plates per person is the way to go. Keep in mind factors that may increase or decrease the number of plates needed. How many stations are serving at the same time, how long is the party and do guests come and go or will they remain in the same area for the entire party.

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