A Kiss This Intense Can Only Be Celebrated One Way
September 21, 2018
Wine Barrel Rentals with Three New Twists
October 5, 2018

Why We Love The Fall

What could be better than a June wedding? An October wedding of course. Summer left the North East in a wet soggy mess and I must say I’m happy to see it go and very happy to see Fall roll in with all its brilliant vibrant colors.

New York Party Rentals offers yards and yards of sequined fabric, tablecloths and table runners. Burgundy is in demand for Fall 2018 along with Gold, Terra Cotta, and Orange.

New York Party Rentals gives you the ability to cover your tables with this stunning cloth that is available in a host of colors. Vintage Linen has the look – the feel – the drape of 100% Linen.  All the things you love without the creasing and wrinkles of natural linen.
(When ordering if your order is under 10 pieces Add $25.00 to each piece please)

Napkins come in an abundance of colors, fabrics, and price points. All available at the touch of your fingers. So welcome in fall and take advantage of Nature’s wonderful color palette by shopping on our site for a free quote


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