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166 Beverage Ice Mirror Finish with Pan


166 Beverage Ice Mirror Finish with Pan

20″x 12″x 6″

Create an eye-catching display of refreshing beverages and cool snacks with our acrylic ice housing. Use this decorative ice bin at your breakfast bar, buffet, or outdoor event for a stylish way to store and serve ice cold drinks, fruits, parfaits, and more. With the open pan, your guests will be able to easily view their options for quick selection to prevent congestion and keep lines moving!  The mirror finish acrylic base will complement any decor, providing a contemporary flair to your refreshment station. Not to mention, the simple design makes assembly and dis-assembly easy, for quick setup, breakdown, and cleanup. With this ice housing bin, you can ensure a functional and attractive solution to your beverage serving needs!
polycarbonate construction offers optimal durability for your high-volume, heavy-duty use.
Overall Dimensions:
Length: 20″
Width: 12″
Height: 6″

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