The Owners of NYPR- Representing Liberty and Justice For All

Millennials Bring Party Rentals to the 21st Century
April 24, 2019

The Owners of NYPR- Representing Liberty and Justice For All

Minority owned and outcasts to the party rental industry for being different from the ordinary industry owners, we persevered and took advantage of everything America has to offer and pursued the American dream. That is the America that the Khans and all of us at New York Party Rentals celebrate every day and we are so proud of, the diversity, freedom and opportunity given to us and all Americans.

Just like the opportunities guaranteed to make it possible to have our first black President I thank God, America and especially New Yorkers for making it possible for us to have such a successful business and doing what we love for over 25 years.

Because of the sacrifices that we all made by shutting down our businesses, staying home and for all the hard work from our medical community, we must thank them, our police force and all our first responders for keeping us safe during the COVID-19 crises. They made it possible for us to get through this four month nightmare. Proof that we are a nation of unity and love.

It’s time to celebrate life, liberty, freedom, and America. New York Party Rentals we believes that the crises is over, our cities should be open and back in business. Let’s gather safely, eat, drink and party together. Lets help one another and most of all support and love each other. Remember all celebrations, get- togethers, meeting, functions and purrfect parties start with NYPR (the one with the cat)

Lets follow the CDC guide lines and stay safe to stop the spread and keep the curve flat.

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