Flatware Rentals from New York Party Rentals what you need to know

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August 20, 2018
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Flatware Rentals from New York Party Rentals what you need to know

Flatware includes eating and serving utensils, such as forks, knives and spoons, that are used at the table, our flatware sets are both stylish and durable. No matter which flatware pattern is best for your occasion, our wide selection and low prices will get you the perfect flatware you need without breaking the bank. Shop our flatware collections to find the best flatware for a casual or upscale dining experience. Choosing the best flatware depends on your budget and how casual or upscale your event may be. We are featuring today our Hammered Flatware in Gold and in Silver for the lowest prices in New York City, from any party rental company at this level of excellence without sacrificing quality. How can we do that you may ask?

We do it with our experinced staff that is dedicated to maintaining the quality of all our equipment and effective safe cleaning products. For the flatware as soon as its off loaded from our trucks its taken to the “silver department” were each order is seperated and soaked in warm water with our super secret soapy solution, (say that three times),  making sure any hard dried food particles are soft and able to go through the dishwasher without scratching the utensils. When the dish washing process is completed we are rewarded with  sparkely forks, knives, and spoons. Each piece, yes, each piece is hand dried with a soft plush towel to bring a bright, water spot free shine. This process also serves as a inspection process for quality control.

We have a plethora of gold flatware in our inventory 2 styles to choose from. We couldn’t keep up with the demand for our fabulous gold and stainless steel hammered flatware before. We now have on hand brand new shiny glittery FLATWARE FOR RENT. Plan your special event or wedding early and bring it up a level using GOLD HAMMERED FLATWARE only from NEW YORK PARTY RENTALS LLC.

 Our 18/0 premium Stainless Steel quality Gold Flatware Rentals will no doubt impress your guests. With the mirror polish and smooth edge makes them not only spectacular to look at but comfortable to use. Browse through our collection of flatware today for more styles to choose from …



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