Living the Sustainable Life New York Party Style

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May 8, 2018
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June 9, 2018

Living the Sustainable Life New York Party Style

 Palm Leaf Plates are Heavy Duty – Elegant – 100% Compostable – Better than Bamboo or Wood – Disposable – Biodegradable

PREMIUM QUALITY & PERFECTLY CLEAN – Only the center portion of the leaves are used to ensure uniform shape and aesthetic surface. ALL NATURAL. These plates are totally chemical free, with no additives or coatings, made only from fallen palm leaf sheaths.Great for wedding, parties and catering. ELEGANT & VERSATILE create a style for every occasion from comfortably casual to fabulously formal. Much stronger than paper, plastic or bagasse plates. Exclusive natural textures make each plate unique from natures exclusive textures. It just doesn’t get greener than this. MUCH MORE STYLISH (and green) than those flimsy paper or plastic plates, especially for special occasions. Not simply eco friendly but super eco friendly made from 100% natural material. Unlike bamboo, wooden and paper plates, no tree is harmed to manufacture these bad boys. Naturally fallen areca palm leaves are used only 100% compostable, chemical-free and biodegradable at a much faster rate than bamboo platesTruly amazing you can heat and cut on the plates and even microwave with these guys because they are grease resistant. Works great with stainless steel cutlery. Perfect for hot or cold food, liquid, gravy and sauces.




This 100% biodegradable non-plastic (PLA) cup is from renewable plants BPA & plastic free. The only thing is you can only use non-toxic cold liquids.

The natural  materials  melt at temperatures above 100 degrees. Works perfectly fine with alcoholic drinks ( Yahoo ). I find them harder to crack than plastic wine glasses. So celebrate with alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages or dessert in earth-friendly party cup. New York Party Rentals carries these fantastic environmentally correct disposable  beverage cups to add on to your rental equipment. One stop shopping as always.


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