And Now You Know … How To Crowd Control With Style

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May 25, 2018
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June 11, 2018

And Now You Know … How To Crowd Control With Style

And Now You Know…

STANCHION AND ROPES are a must for any event that is going to have a lot of people and you need to control the flow and amount of people and also need to provide direction and organization. Where as most people leave that up to the venues security you may want to to take a look at what New York Party Rentals, LLC has to offer for their line of Crowd Control products featuring Stanchions and Ropes. Now You All Know about the Black Rectractables priced at a low price of about $20.00 but NYPR has the coolest product line of colored ropes in velvet and actual braided ropes that are  in so many colors, and you can mix and match them! You can choose from Gold stanchion posts or Chrome stanchion posts. The ropes aren’t much more than the retractables at about $29.00 a rope, Chrome post $15.00, gold a bit more pricey at 35.00 bucks it all affordable.

Now You All Know NYPR isn’t concerned about the size of your order and wont charge a minimum so if you don’t have crowd that needs controlling and just love the look and are ordering other things for your party you can really add style, color, fun, or formality to your event. For the summer especially July 4th NYPR has a red, white, and blue twisted rope with chrome stanchion that is really nice.

Go take a look and get a quote tell me your thoughts I felt you Needed To Know and Know You Now… 

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